Norepinephrine: The Stress Hormone

 To many of you, norepinephrine may be the least recognized of neurotransmitters involved in depression/ anxiety disorders. Though it does...

How to Prevent and Manage Mental Illness Disability

  Mental illness starts at birth, says Mark Faiz, CEO of Personalized Prescribing Inc. In the Benefits and Pensions Monitor...

Dopamine: The "rewarding" neurotransmitter

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that most of us have heard of. We’ve heard the term ‘dopamine hit’ as a descriptor...

WEBINAR: How Psychopharmacists Utilize a Novel Approach to Manage Mental Illness Disability

     Our Psychopharmacists have been successfully providing pharmacogenomics services to some forward-thinking insurance and disability management companies for the...

WEBINAR: Lessons Learned from the Management of Mental Illness Disability and How to Utilize Pharmacogenomics

      Personalized Prescribing Inc was happy to present this informative webinar about the Management of Mental Illness Disability...

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