Pharmacogenomics Guided Prescription Changes Improved Medication Effectiveness in Patients with Mental Health-Related Disability: A Retrospective Cohort Analyses

Mental health problems are the leading cause of disability in Canadian workers. Medication ineffectiveness is hypothesized to increase the time...

An Overview: Depression and Treatment

     Most of us know or have a loved one someone suffering from anxiety, depression or loss of interest in...

Back to Work from Disability

Case Study: Rafaz Mohamed July - October 2020 Author: Sandra Hanna BSc. Pharm. Personalized Prescribing Inc. Means of Referral: Organizational...

Retrospective on Pharmacogenomics in Canada

Pharmacogenomics was formally introduced in Canada in 2014, when CAMH secured a large grant to study its utility for mental...

The Journey to Mental Illness

We are born with genes that are either delicate or resilient. People with delicate genes, who are exposed to certain...

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