Personalized Prescribing Inc. Rx Report™ test and pharmacist consultation service are beneficial for insurance carriers. Insurance carriers are able to utilize our pharmacogenomic services in four areas:

  • Disability management
  • Prior authorization for specialty drugs
  • Embedded in health plan
  • Individual life insurance and disability policies 

Disability Management- Personalized Prescribing Inc. has delivered some very good results to many patients struggling with mental illness medications. Many of these patients were on disability due to mental illness, and our Rx Report™  test and pharmacist consultation service have helped most employees to return to work sooner than anticipated. In this instance, insurance companies should utilize pharmacogenomics for better efficiency, and reduced costs and increased profitability and competitiveness.

Prior Authorization for Specialty Drugs- Prior authorization for Specialty Drugs Pharmacogenomics may be used in the case of specialty or expensive drugs if there is scientific evidence. Rx Report™ -Immunosuppressants panel should be ready soon for use in biologic anti-TNF drugs. The Immunosuppressants panel also can guide on Hepatitis C specialty drugs. This panel is not yet being used by any client in Canada. In this case, careful thought must be given to ensuring that the process does not breach the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act.

Embedded in Health Plan- Physicians may be encouraged to require the test for the purpose of ensuring best outcomes for their patients. Embedded in Health Benefit, Rx Report™ tests and services are very important benefit for the few employees and dependents who may be struggling with medication issues. Just like other elements of the health benefit, pharmacogenomics should only be available to employees and dependents who need the service. For drugs, employees must have a valid prescription from their doctor etcetera. Individual Life Insurance and Disability Policies

Rx Report™ tests and services may be utilized by insurance carriers to help avoid early unnecessary deaths or disabilities due to incompatible medication. Insurance companies would reward individuals with Life or Disability policies that have maintained their policies for extended periods by making available an Rx Report™ test and services.

Individual Life Insurance and Disability Policies- Individuals may keep their results for their lifetime and even update them using the latest science. The clients would share the Rx Report™ test results with their physicians to ensure that they are on the correct medication. This benefits the insurance company by ensuring that their policy holders remain healthier longer.

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