Benefit Consultants

Pharmacogenomics is an exciting new science that has the potential to positively impact the well being and productivity of employees. A recent industry opinion survey conducted by Personalized Prescribing Inc. showed that 63% of HR professionals would like to implement a pharmacogenomics service within their benefit plan.
As a benefit consultant, you can help your clients by offering pharmacogenomic services. Your clients need to know that-
  • Pharmacogenomic testing makes drug plans more effective ensuring that employees are on the most compatible dose/ drug for their individual genetic makeup. An employer that is spending $70 per employee per month on a drug plan should ensure the drug plan is effective by introducing Rx Report™ pharmacogenomic testing at an extra $2 per employee per month.
  • A pharmacogenomic test can reduce disability costs by returning disabled employees whose disability is caused or exaggerated by genetically incompatible medication back to work faster. This may also reduce disability relapse significantly.
  • Pharmacogenomic testing may also prevent some disabilities outright. By using Rx Report™ pharmacogenomic test, employees who are struggling with their medication could avoid being put on disability by taking the most compatible medication sooner.
  • The Rx Report™ test can improve productivity and reduce absenteeism caused by incompatible medication.
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