The Team

Mark Faiz, P.Eng., Founder, President & CEO

Mark Faiz is an entrepreneur with over 30 years' experience in the healthcare and benefits industries. His newest venture, Personalized Prescribing Inc., is focused on medication compatibility and effectiveness. It provides a simple testing process that can prevent unwanted and dangerous side effects caused by medications.


Sanjida Ahmed, M.Sc., PhD, Geneticist

Sanjida Ahmed is Personalized Prescribing Inc. geneticist. She specialized in Cellular & Molecular Biology. She has more than 15 years' experience in the healthcare industry. Her career has included work as Director of Research & Development at Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences (a genetic testing company) in Dubai, U.A.E., as well as Research Associate at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.



Sandra Hanna, B.Sc., Clinical Pharmacist

Sandra Hanna is a licensed pharmacist with experience in clinical health, communications and business. Sandra is dedicated to optimizing patient care through detailed therapeutic analyses of genetics and medication history. She is highly skilled at developing a strong rapport with patients.


Feng Zhou, PhD, Geneticist, Laboratory Director

Feng Zhou is a scientist with over 12 years’ research experience in the in vitro diagnostics. He has been the science team lead in a point-of care device company. At Personalized Prescribing Inc., he continually draws on the knowledge and expertise he has gained in the precision medicine industry.



Sara Temkit, Pharmacist (PharmD), Clinical Lead
Sara has a double major in biochemistry and psychology, as well as a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has experience in both community and hospital pharmacy, and currently works as the Lead consulting pharmacist at Personalized Prescribing. Sara enjoys practicing within the field of pharmacogenetics and helping patients with their drug therapy problems.