What Is Pharmacogenomic Testing?

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how our genes influence our response to medications. A pharmacogenomic test will determine your unique genetic drug compatibility. It will also recommend the most suitable drugs for your specific condition.

These drug recommendations can be used by your physician to prescribe the right dose of the right drug from the start. 


The right drug and dose of it should not cause discomfort due to toxicity. A pharmacogenomic test can recommend medications compatible with your unique genetic profile. This can help you avoid drug-related toxicity.

A pharmacogenomic test can also help identify medications that will be the most effective in treating your current medical condition.


The Rx Report™ test can help you and your physician:

  • Select the right medications for you
  • Determine which medications to avoid
  • Reduce drug-related side effects
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that your drugs are working