A Teenager’s Clinical Depression

Susy is a 13 year old girl who is an avid soccer player, an excellent student, and a fun,loving friend and daughter. Recently, her mood started to deteriorate, and she was diagnosed with clinical depression. As a result, her doctor prescribed her escitalopram. Unfortunately, the medication was not working for her and her depression became worse. Susy would stay in bed all day due to her depression, which led to her missing school, soccer, parties, and family functions. Because of this, Susy’s parents had to take increasing amounts of time off of work to care for her. 

Fortunately for Susy, her father heard about Rx Report™ from a friend. Susy’s father ordered Rx Report™ right away to see what was going on with her medications. Susy’s Rx Report™ results came back, and alerted her doctor to the fact that escitalopram was simply not working for her. Her doctor switched her to another antidepressant that was predicted to work for her by her Rx Report™.

After the switch to the right antidepressant, Susy went back to being the happy and fun,loving girl that her friends and family had previously known.