Genes Tested

We test more genes for mental health related conditions than any other pharmacogenomics test worldwide.

At Personalized Prescribing Inc., we go beyond traditional pharmacogenetic testing by examining both the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic genes associated with drug response. These genes play crucial roles in the effectiveness and interaction of drugs within the body. Some of these genes serve as direct targets for the drug, where genetic variations can impact the drug’s binding and activity. Others may be indirectly involved in the pathways that influence the drug’s response.

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive approach to genetic testing, ensuring that no potential factors influencing drug response are overlooked. For a detailed and comprehensive list of the genetic variations we analyze, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our expert team is readily available to provide you with the necessary information and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to discover how our advanced pharmacogenomic testing can revolutionize personalized prescribing and optimize treatment outcomes.

The genes included in our testing service are based in rigorous scientific research and supported by high-level of evidence from peer-reviewed publications and renowned consortia such as CIPC and PharmGKB, which are authorized by regulatory bodies to categorize and analyze data related to gene-drug relationships. You can trust that our recommendations are derived from trusted sources and are carefully designed to provide you with the most accurate evidence-based guidance for a truly personalized treatment.

For the complete list of genetic variations, please contact us.

  • CYP2C19
  • CYP2D6
  • CYP2B6
  • ABCB1
  • ADRA2A
  • ADGRL3
  • GRIA1
  • GNB3
  • ADRB1
  • ADRB2
  • BDNF
  • SLC6A3
  • SLC6A4
  • HTR3B
  • TPH1
  • IL1B
  • IL6
  • IDO1
  • HTR1A
  • HTR1B
  • COMT
  • HTR2A
  • HTR2C
  • HTR3A
  • HTR3B
  • MC4R
  • SNAP25
  • DRD1
  • DRD2
  • DRD3
  • NR3C1
  • TPH2
  • SLC6A2
  • IL10
  • TNFa
  • ADM
  • HTR7
  • FAAH
  • FKBP5
  • MAO-A
  • MAO-B
  • DBH
  • TH
  • CCK
  • GAD1
  • SLC1A2
  • GABAa
  • GRIN2B
  • GRIN1
  • CHRNB2
  • GRIK4
  • NR3C2
  • NPY
  • CRHR1
  • ACE

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