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Mental Illness is a Serious and Costly Condition in the Canadian Workplace.

Mental illness is a serious and costly condition in the Canadian workplace.

Mental illness poses a significant and costly challenge in the Canadian workplace. It not only affects the well-being of employees but also has a direct impact on overall productivity.

One of the consequences of mental illness is a loss of productivity. Additionally, absenteeism and presenteeism, where employees come to work despite being unwell, further contribute to reduced productivity and can hinder the quality of work being performed.

Official Figures

According to Ontario Chamber of Commerce “Mental health conditions in the workplace are being diagnosed with greater frequency. Disability claims for mental illness is the fastest-growing claim type in Canada. The cost of mental illnesses to the Canadian economy is estimated at over $50 billion annually, with $20 billion of that stemming directly from workplace losses. On average, mental health issues cost businesses almost $1,500 per employee per year”.

In Addition, mental illness can escalate to the point of disability, where employees are unable to continue working, resulting in a significant loss of valuable talent for employers. Which not only affects individuals but also places an additional burden on the organization to find suitable replacements or accommodations.

The Impact of Medication

A significant contributing factor to chronic illness cases is antidepressant failure.

Traditional approaches to prescribing antidepressants often involve a trial-and-error process, which can prolong the time it takes for individuals to find an effective medication. This process not only delays their recovery but can also result in frustrating side effects that impact their ability to function optimally in the workplace.

Fortunately, pharmacogenomics provides a breakthrough solution. By analyzing an individual’s genetic profile, pharmacogenomic testing can identify the most compatible antidepressant medication with the least likelihood of side effects.

This personalized approach to treatment can significantly improve outcomes for employees with mental illness, leading to better treatment response, reduced side effects, and increased overall productivity.

However, it’s important to note that not all pharmacogenomic services are the same. When considering implementing pharmacogenomic testing for your employees, it’s crucial to choose a reliable and comprehensive service. Look for providers that offer a wide range of genetic markers specifically relevant to antidepressant medications. This ensures a more accurate assessment and personalized treatment recommendations.

It’s essential to make informed decisions and choose a reputable pharmacogenomic service that aligns with your organization’s goals and values. Together, we can tackle the impact of mental illness in the workplace and promote employee well-being and productivity.

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