Pharmacist Assisted Medication Management

PharmaPsycare is a comprehensive service that provides specialized psychopharmacology assistance for employees and their dependants.

This program allows them to have access to a team of specially trained psychopharmacists to:

  • Help manage side effects.
  • Taper medications.
  • Monitor new drug treatments to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.
  • Receive ongoing support to patients as needed with no limit of time.

This program also includes a pharmacogenetic testing service for genetic drug compatibility, which enables our psychopharmacists to suggest the most suitable drug and dosage for their specific mental health-related condition.

Our pharmacists integrate knowledge of both the genetic variants and the drugs’ mechanism of action to provide the best recommendation commercially available.

The whole process is confidential, and no one can access the patient’s results unless clear and written consent is provided.

This service is available for employees and dependants for less than one dollar per month.

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