Second Generation Pharmacogenetics for Pharmacists

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Bring Personalized Prescribing into your Pharmacy Clinical Practice

Use Personalized Prescribing Second Generation Pharmacogenetics Resources to:

  • Help your patients and their doctors prescribe the most appropriate medication with the least side effects
  • Enhance your practice and profile
  • Increase your revenue

Overview of the Program

Why Personalized Prescribing

What we do?

What you do?

Offer Pharmacogenomic Services using one of these two models:

Full Service

  • You are the pharmacist who deals with your own patients and interprets their results
  • Our lab will analyze your patient’s genetic profile
  • You produce the “Pharmacist Recommendations”, with assistance from our software and our in-house pharmacists
  • You fax the results to the doctor

Your Patient, Your Recommendations, Your Exceptional Results

Referral Only

  • You simply refer patients to us
  • There is no need to interpret results or prepare recommendations 

You earn more from the Full Service

Most providers offer only pharmacogenetics analysis; our panels are comprehensive; they include pharmacodynamics with a long list of brain receptors and transporters that no other provider has.

We offer four panels: including a Psychiatric & Pain panel, a Cardiovascular Plus panel, a Chemotherapy panel, and an Auto-immune panel.

Our offering includes a “Pharmacist Recommendation” that is guided by our proprietary software and prepared by a specially trained, certified pharmacist

Our psychiatric panel is proving to be very effective. Our results are spectacular. Click to view our Google Reviews!

We are here to support you!

  • Our pharmacists train and certify you
  • Upon receiving your patients saliva sample, our lab analyzes it within 5-7 business days
  • We upload the results to our proprietary backend software and produce your patient’s preliminary drug profile
  • We notify you and email when your patient’s results are ready
  • We help you increase your revenue!

  • You identify the patients that might benefit from a pharmacogenomics service
  • Your clients purchase the test from you or from our website using your code
  • Upon the upload of your client’s profiles, you logon to our system to interpret the results and prepare your recommendations. You also set login IDs and passwords for your clients
  • You deliver the access parameters to your clients, you fax your recommendations to their doctor, discuss the results with your clients and their doctors as applicable
  • You are there to guide your patients in tapering off old medication, titrating new medication, drug interactions and managing side effects

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