Second Generation Pharmacogenetics for Physicians

Bring Personalized Prescribing to Your Everyday Practice

How we help physicians

Many patients inform their physicians about their medication not working or having severe undesired side effects. Occasionally, treating physicians must take a “trial and error” approach with mental illness medication until resolving the issue, if ever.

We can help physicians and their patients mitigate this tedious process. With our second generation pharmacogenetic testing service, we can help you prescribe the right medication and dosage for your patient to reduce repeated visits to the clinic.

Your time is valuable!

It can be tedious and time-consuming to read a pharmacogenetic report that only provides insights without any detailed and personalized information.

Our pharmacists provide a concise and relevant summary report to easily understand the genetics of your patient and the rationale behind medication recommendations.

Ready to start referring?

If you wish to refer a patient to us, just go to our referral form, download it or send it directly to us.

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