Pharmacist Lead Pharmacogenomic Testing

for mental health-related conditions

$399.00 $499.00

What is included in the kit?

  • A DNA sample saliva kit with instructions
  • A pre-paid return Purolator pack to ship your sample to our laboratory for processing

How does it work?

This testing service incorporates the use of proprietary algorithms as part of the process to integrate the information obtained from the genetic variations assessment to understand better the complex dynamic between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and how they affect the response to drugs by individuals.

What does the report look like?

Our comprehensive reports deliver precise pharmacogenetics recommendations, empowering healthcare providers with a scientific rationale to guide their medication choices for patients. Additionally, we provide an extensive digital gene-drug interaction report, shedding light on the specific drugs influenced by the genes analyzed. Moreover, patients gain the valuable support of their pharmacist, who assists in managing drug-related side effects and identifying potential drug interactions or contraindications.

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Saliva collection kit

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Instructions for use