1. What is Rx Report™?

Rx Report™ is a genetic drug compatibility test offered by Personalized Prescribing Inc. to identify the most effective medications with the least number of side effects.

2. Which drugs are tested?

Click here to see our Drug List.

3. Why Rx Report™, not others?

  • Rx Report™ is the most comprehensive genetic drug compatibility test worldwide.
  • We have in house pharmacists who provide consultation to patients and their physicians. No other providers offer this service in Canada.
  • Our pharmacists are available for both pre- and post- test consultations for all our patients.
  • The pharmacists are bilingual (English and French).

4. How long does the test analysis take?

It takes 7-10 business days to complete the analysis after we receive your saliva sample at our laboratory.

5. How much does the test cost?

The cost of the test for individual buying online is $499+ HST.

For group prices, please email at info@personalizedprescribing.com or call at 1 (844) 943-0210.

6. How does one start the process?

Please purchase the test online. Once we receive the purchase order, our pharmacist will be in touch with you to start the process. She/He will provide all the necessary instructions to proceed with the test.

7. How can I collect my DNA sample?

Sample collection instructions will be sent to you with the DNA sample kit. You need to follow the instructions to collect sample and call Purolator to send the sample back to our laboratory. 

8. Are there any special instructions before collecting the sample?

Please do not eat or drink for 30 minutes before taking the sample. Also, it is better to brush your teeth 30 minutes before you collect the saliva.

9. How can I see my results?

You will be able to view your report by clicking HERE and by using your unique login ID and password that will be sent to you.

10. How accurate is the test?

The genetic test analysis is 99.99% accurate. However, the interpretation of the test results is done by our pharmacists. They use the latest scientific publications and evidences available in various scientific platforms to interpret the test results and provide recommendations.

11. Can I have consultations with a pharmacist before my test?

Our pharmacists are available any time before or after the test to answer your questions. The pharmacists are also happy to work with your physicians to help select the right medication and dosage for you.

12. What is Personalized Prescribing Plan (P3)?

P3, a Personalized Prescription Plan, is a employee benefit designed to help reduce drug waste and keep employees healthy and productive. It works by providing employees with affordable genetic testing on an employer-paid subscription basis that can personalize their prescription drugs.

13. Are all plan members under P3 qualified to take the test?

Employees and their dependents who are enrolled in their employer sponsored group benefit plans are automatically eligible for the P3 plan option and can access the test if they are prescribed or are currently taking a medication that is on our Drug List or if they are on a therapeutic alternative of any of the listed drugs.

14. If I am under P3, how can I start the process?

Eligible employees can call us directly at 1 (844) 943-0210, or email us at info@personalizedprescribing.com

Please have proof of prescription and your doctor’s contact information ready to confirm eligibility.