An Elderly Woman’s Breast Cancer Therapy

Jenny is a 43 year old woman who has two children and a husband. She was recently diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and was determined to beat it. She underwent surgery to remove the tumour and was given a treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, plus tamoxifen as hormone therapy. After completing all her chemo and radiation sessions, Jenny remained on tamoxifen to decrease the likelihood of the cancer returning. Jenny’s oncologist had intended to keep her on tamoxifen for at least five years after her chemo and radiation sessions ended. 

Although the chemotherapy and radiation sessions were successful in removing all cancerous cells, Jenny wanted to make sure she was doing all she could to prevent the cancer from coming back. Jenny ordered her Rx Report™ test and collected her sample with the saliva kit. The results were sent to her oncologist who noticed that she was a poor metabolizer of tamoxifen, meaning the drug was actually doing nothing at all inside Jenny’s body. This put Jenny at an increased risk for relapse of breast cancer. Jenny’s oncologist immediately switched her to a medication that was compatible with her genetics. Luckily, Jenny caught her drug incompatibility before her cancer had a chance to come back. The Rx Report™ likely saved her life.