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Back to Work from Disability

Case Study: Rafaz Mohamed July – October 2020 Author: Sandra Hanna BSc. Pharm. Personalized Prescribing Inc. Means of Referral: Organizational Solutions Inc. (OSI) Disability status: Short term disability, was transferring to long term disability, which was approved by Sunlife Insurance Condition(s): Major depressive disorder and Anxiety Medications at point of contact: Escitalopram (Cipralex) 10 mg once daily, … Read more

The Journey to Mental Illness

We are born with genes that are either delicate or resilient. People with delicate genes, who are exposed to certain stressors in life that happen either gradually, or suddenly will undergo changes in gene expression called epigenetics. These changes may result in destabilization of brain chemicals, which may then lead to mood changes and then … Read more

The Journey Back From Mental Illness

Scenic Road View

While having less resilient genes, may make mental illness more likely, people who do experience mental illness experience it to varying degrees. Some people only experience a ‘situational depression’ which is also sometimes referred to as an adjustment disorder. This can happen after traumatic events such as interpersonal conflict or the death of a loved … Read more