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Personalized Prescribing Speaking at HRPA Tomorrow Conference

Personalized Prescribing Speaking at HRPA Tomorrow Conference The future of HR is employee wellbeing. The future of HR is employee wellbeing! Join Mark Faiz, CEO of Personalized Prescribing, as he discusses pharmacogenomics testing and how it can support employee mental health in the workplace. Register now: — HRPA (@HRPA) July 20, 2023 Join … Read more

Exciting News for RBC Insurance Health Plan Members!

Since June 1st RBC Insurance is covering our pharmacogenetic testing service for all their health plan members in Canada.

Starting today, RBC insurance has added drug compatibility testing to all their health benefit plans, making it free for those who have had trouble finding the right prescription for their mental health needs … and they’ve chosen PERSONALIZED PRESCRIBING to exclusively provide our proprietary Second Generation service.  This is terrific news and a huge advancement for those … Read more

Is Depression a Serotonin Deficiency?

Is Depression a Serotonin Deficiency Or is it? Antidepressant medications are usually SSRIs. Thus, it is commonly assumed that depression must be a serotonin deficiency. However, first time trials for SSRIs are only effective for about 30-50% of the depressed population. So is depression not a serotonin deficiency? Or is it? A meta-analytic study earlier this summer made huge … Read more

Personalized Prescribing Inc. Participated in the CHLIA Conference 2022

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Our company was recently honoured to have our CEO, Mark Faiz, along with our Lead Pharmacists, Sandra Hanna, speak on this year Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, CLHIA, 2022 Claims and Anti-Fraud Conference held in the city of Windsor.  This annual event in an essential meeting place to bring awarenes in the industry. The … Read more

What is BDNF and Why it’s Important for Mental Health?


The Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a gene that maps a protein with the same name; it is prevalent in the human body and brain. Neurotrophins are a cluster of ‘growth factor’ proteins that signal cells to survive, mature and proliferate. They are involved in the survival, development, and proper function of brain neurons. Neurons are … Read more

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

And how does it help in the management of depression There are many aspects of antidepressants that makes them challenging to prescribe, the complicating aspects are: Pharmacogenomics testing is NOT a commodity or a mere transaction, is a complex SERVICE. To determine the most compatible antidepressant for a patient, the pharmacogenomics service must include: Metabolic genes (pharmacokinetics) … Read more