Disability Managers

An Rx Report™ Pharmacogenomic test can accurately predict which drug would hurt patients, and which may help them. This critical piece of information can prevent months, if not years, of trial and error prescribing, in turn avoiding:

  • adverse drug reactions
  • absenteeism
  • disability

Disability managers, when managing a case, should consider that medications and their side effect may be one of the underlying reasons for disability among all other possible causes, and they must offer Rx Report™ pharmacogenomic tests to employees with disability. Personalized Prescribing Inc.'s comprehensive pharmacogenomics services include a Personalized Drug Evaluation (PDE) and a pharmacogenomic Test.

PDE is a medication consultation with our pharmacists intended to evaluate if the medication prescribed is appropriate and is taken correctly by the employee. It is like an independent medical evaluation (IME), a standard requirement regularly being used in disability management.

For PDE, employees need to disclose to the pharmacist their past and present medications and their side effects caused by the drugs. The pharmacist reviews the employees' drugs and side effects, and discusses any issues with them. The PDE could end with a report to the patient and the disability manager if no test is needed. Alternatively, the pharmacist might conclude that a pharmacogenomic test might help to resolve employees' drug issues. The pharmacist explains how a genetic “drug compatibility” test could shed more light on the employees' drug problems, possibly helping the patients get better. However, the employees would have to voluntarily agree to take the pharmacogenomic test. 

Considering employees' apprehension about genetic testing, a PDE can help to mitigate case manager’s challenges when contemplating a pharmacogenomic test. Disability managers may use PDE as a condition for the employees on disability to continue with disability payments.

If you would like to know more about our services and also offer Rx Report™ pharmacogenomic tests to employees with disability, please call us at 1.844.943.0210 or email us at info@personalizedprescribing.com