1. What is an Rx Report™ Pharmacogenomic Panel?

Rx Report™ is a genetic drug compatibility test offered by Personalized Prescribing Inc. to identify the most effective medications with the least number of side effects.

2. Which drugs are tested?

Click here to see our Drug List.

3. How long does the test analysis take?

It takes 5-7 business days to complete the analysis after we receive your saliva sample at our laboratory.

4. How much does the test cost?

If you’re an RBC Life Of Canada Plan Member, the cost is $399 plus tax compared to the website price of $499 plus tax.

5. How do I collect my DNA sample?

Sample collection instructions will be sent to you with the DNA sample kit. You need to follow the instructions to collect the sample and call Purolator to send the sample back to our laboratory.

6. Are there any special instructions before collecting the sample?

Please do not eat or drink for 30 minutes before taking the sample. Also, it is better to brush your teeth 30 minutes before you collect the saliva.

7. Do I have to pay for the shipment?

No, the shipment charge is included in the plan.

8. How can I see my results?

Your summary report will be sent via email by our pharmacist. A link with your unique login ID and password will also be sent to you to view your genetic report.

9. How accurate is the test?

The genetic test analysis is 99.99% accurate. However, the interpretation of the test results is done by our pharmacists. They use the latest scientific publications and evidence available in various scientific platforms to interpret the test results and provide recommendations.

10. Is there any scientific evidence behind the test?

The Rx Report™ test is supported by compelling scientific evidence available on multiple health sciences platforms such as PharmGKB, Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), etcetera. The tests analyze up to 54 genes and 104 genetic variations. 

11. Can I have consultations with a pharmacist before my test?

Our pharmacists are available any time before or after the test to answer your questions. The pharmacists are also happy to work with your physician to help select the right medication and dosage for you. Please send your enquiry to pharmacist@personalizedprescribing.com

12. Who has access to my test results?

Your test results are completely confidential and neither your employer nor RBC Life will receive a copy of the report

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us by phone 1(844) 943-0210 or email info@personalizedprescribing.com