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What is a Drug Compatibility Test?

Pharmacogenetics is the study of how our genes influence our response to medication. A compatibility test is a test that will determine your genetic unique drug compatibility in the form of specific drug recommendations.

These drug recommendations can be used by your doctor to prescribe the right dose of the right drug on the the first try. Because these recommendations are clinically validated, you can think of a compatibility test more like an allergy test rather than a traditional genetic test. Compatibility tests do not – and cannot – determine an individual’s risk of developing certain diseases.

Some drugs are toxic for you and in that case, you suffer a degree of discomfort but eventually you go back to your doctor complaining about the discomfort and your doctor changes the medication.

However, it is the drugs that are not obviously toxic that you should be concerned with. You could be on a medication that silently is NOT working for you. The result could be a stroke or a cancer re-occurring. In these cases, a compatibility test could help! This test may improve your quality of life, or it may even save your life.