Case Studies

A Panic Attack due to Cannabis


Scott R. is a 40 year old male who recently experienced a workplace accident that resulted in chronic back pain. Scott had tried using Tylenol#1 (i.e. codeine) and oxycodone for his pain but had not received significant relief despite the use of high doses. His physician began to suspect that he was abusing these medications, … Read more

A Teenager’s Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression

Susy is a 13 year old girl who is an avid soccer player, an excellent student, and a fun,loving friend and daughter. Recently, her mood started to deteriorate, and she was diagnosed with clinical depression. As a result, her doctor prescribed her escitalopram. Unfortunately, the medication was not working for her and her depression became … Read more

A Child’s with ADHD

A Child's with ADHD

Mark Rabkin is a 14 year old boy who had recently been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. Mark had previously tried multiple ADHD medications, including Adderall and Concerta. Though he had experienced slight improvements in impulsivity, he also had major side effects (i.e., irritability, emotional inhibition, appetite loss, and insomnia). Mark remained on the Concerta, … Read more

An Employee’s Suffering from Depression and Anxiety

sad unhappy woman

Jane Allain is a 30-year old female, who struggled with anxiety and depression from the time she was 15-years old.  She was referred to Personalized Prescribing by a disability manager. Our pharmacist scheduled a phone appointment with Jane to discuss her medication history.  The pharmacist discovered that Jane also had uncontrolled asthma and a heart … Read more