Equitable Life Question 5

Confirmation My answers to the questions above are accurate. I acknowledge that if any responses are not accurate, I may not be eligible for reimbursement of expenses associated with this request. By clicking “I agree” below, you agree to the following: Personalized Prescribing Inc. is a separate company from, and is not affiliated with The … Read more

Equitable Life Question 3

3) Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition? (Please note, coverage for pharmacogenomic testing is only eligible for plan members diagnosed with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders and bi-polar disorders.)

Equitable Life

For Equitable Plan Members Equitable has partnered with Personalized Prescribing Inc. to offer pharmacogenomics testing for eligible plan members diagnosed with a mental health condition.  What is a pharmacogenomic test? A pharmacogenomic test determines how your body is expected to respond to certain drugs.  How can a pharmacogenomic test help me? Patients suffering from mental health … Read more

Manulife Payment Confirmation

Great – thank you for answering these questions. Next steps: For coverage information, check out your employee booklet or contact your human resources (HR) team. To check your benefits booklet, sign in at Under My benefits, click view benefits booklet.